How we commit


What can be really done in Gargano? What is to see and maybe to taste? What are the paths, the history, art and culture of this fascinating land?

Premising that for us doesn’t exist tourists but travelers in search of new experiences to live, our desire is that of sharing with you every moment of life lived in this wonderful land that is Gargano. gargano emozionale

We who have the fortune to live here, want to transmit you the strong emotions that this land can give, we want to show you what you really can do in this fantastic place, we want to show you everything that this land can offer, this land where the sun is gold that flows over the white cliffs where the sea crashing into the shore since millenniums digs always more forming the wonderful beaches that today are there to be admired.

Follow us and you will have TRUE FRIENDS ON GARGANO to whom you can ask any kind of information..!


I wish you would give us the chance of becoming your best friends for traveling on Gargano; I wish you will ask us anything regarding your holidays in this wonderful land. We are at your disposal to give you useful advices and informations of any genre, we are here to help you take the best choices, to help you plan at the best your vacation on Gargano; migliori amici dei viaggiatori gargano we are here to give you advices about where is the best food, where to sleep at the best price, what to visit, what to photograph and much more, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

Our mission is to make you know our territory beyond the boundries, we want that everybody get to know the marvels of this place and remain ecstatic, both for beauty and for hospitality and availability.

Then what are you waiting for, give us and give yourselves this possibility; contact us and ask, we are happy to get to know and help you and above all we are honored to put ourselves at your disposal without any obligation.

Esperienze sul Gargano, probably your best holiday..!!