Why probably your best holiday..?

Assuming the for us doesn’t exist tourists but travelers serching fantastic esperiences, if you are passionate by marvels and dependent of strong emotions you are in the right place.

Gargano, the ideal destination for itineraries and holidays Eco-Sustainable, is a beautiful land of arts, culture and flavors, rich in historical, artistic and religious testimonies, rich in natural beauty and wonderful places where you can live fantastic experiences.

I love Gargano

There are many tourist facilities on Gargano ready to welcome you, many experiences to live and many delicacies to be tasted; this land offers unimaginable wonders.

But it’s not always easy to get all this and, as is now almost everywhere, it doesn’t always happen to get in the hands of honest people with the result that you spend a lot of money for a terrible service. Esperienze sul Gargano was created to improve this situation, it was created in order to offer an excellent touristic service, it was created in order for you to avoid making mistakes, it was created in order to make you live Gargano in the best way and achive a maximal result with a minimum effort.

Esperienze sul Gargano is pointing straight to the heart of people, is pointing the emotions, the sensations and unites to a great passion values like humility, honesty and sincerity.

Esperienze sul Gargano, probably your best vacation..!!

Orecchiette with green turnips

Dear friends from Gargano, let’s speak about the orecchiette with green turnips, also called “recchitelle” or “strascinati”; they are one of the mainly dishes from Puglia. For this receipt you can make the fresh pasta at home or even utilize the dried orecchiette from hard grain wheat; the peculiarity of the orecchiette is to have a rough surface that make toppings stick, in this case the green turnip and anchovies. Leggi tutto

Extra virgin olive oil from Gargano, true gold!

When arriving on Gargano, among the first things that almost hypnotize the travelers are without doubt the secular olive trees. Imposing and wonderful, they have large twisted trunks with odd shapes, branches that almost touch the ground and evergreen leaves.

This secular trees found their origins in the ancient Rome and are a true fountain of pride and support for the habitants of Gargano, they are cared, respected and loved like sons. Leggi tutto

Advices for a new year animal friendly, HAPPY 2014!

esperienze sul gargano animal friendly

Dear friends,

We Esperienze sul Gargano are definitely animal friendly and for wishing you a Happy New Year, we decided to put together some advices, stolen around from those who really know more, about how to protect our furry friends from firecrackers shooting at New Year.

As you know, the animals unlike us have a highly developed hearing therefore the sounds and noises that are loud to us, for them are loudest and often even painful even insupportable.

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Gargano between bread and ancient traditions

We are living in a world always more technological where the people runs and goes in a hurry, busy with work and other million thoughts and with little time for themselves. We forget always more what it means having a moment of rest, a moment of peace to remember what is really important in life and for life. With this rhythms we often forget the enormous benefits of a regular life and a healthy diet full of genuine traditional products. Leggi tutto

Christmas on Gargano

Gargano is a place of rare beauty that during the warm summer season leaves everyone speechless, even the grumpiest man.

But have you ever wondered what happens here in winter?

Few know that in winter Gargano is surrounded by a unique charm that makes it different of any other place in the world. It’s December and in Gargano is a sweet silence; the people doesn’t know that Umbra forest, that during the summer was painted in a bright green now is covered with a carpet made of golden dried leaves and soft snow; the people doesn’t know that the sea, that during the summer was calm and quiet now is restless and picturesque like a painting; the people doesn’t know that the waves that strike with force and ambition the coast transforms into foam that almost look like snow that falls backwards.

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A visit to the museum Malacologico of Vieste

A visit to malacologico museum of Vieste in a rainy day  isn’t really a bad idea, on the contrary..! A rainy day in which you should dress adequately for going out and take advantage of the bad weather for visit places you probably wouldn’t visit if the weather is sunny, because, to be honest, the tourists come to Gargano mainly for the sea without knowing there is more to visit. Leggi tutto