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Dear friends, I’m introducing myself!

My name is Raffaele Lopriore and I am from Vieste del Gargano. Since I was a child I was always passionated of two things completely opposed: nature and technology. I immediately begun to deepen this two passions from the age of 6 years old when I received as a present my first computer, an Olivetti M240 (with a green and black screen), I was extremely happy.

In the years, I nourished my passions with all the possible love, I studied programming by myself and than I specialized myself in various schools, I learned by myself photography, I learned to love and respect nature, I learned to appreciate the gifts that were made to me, I followed my dreams, my objectives, sometimes even against the will of others, sometimes even stumbling and knocking my head really hard, I combated, I fight with gritted teeth, but today I am here, with all my happiness ready to found forever my passions in the only unique great project, Esperienze sul Gargano. Precisely in those years I realized two very important things, the first that I was fortunate enough to be born in such a wonderful place like Gargano (Puglia), and the second that I have this huge passion for computers (that in the following years has been incredibly developed around the world).

With time and experience I learned that a project for being a winner must contain love, passions, emotions and must always know how to give the same things that nourish it; this is, I hope, my winning algorithm… :-D

is a project birth from a dream, from a great love, from a continuous battle for the research. Esperienze sul Gargano is a project that nourishes and will always be nourished by love and great passions and it will give them around the world in the form of strong emotions. All this, obviously, together with you; you are and will always be the gas for my engine, even you are and will always be the fundamental principle for my dream to come true; therefore I thank you all for the support that you will surely give or that you are already giving me. I promise that I will give my best and I will try in every possible way to convey to you the same excitement that this incredible land conveys to me through technological or not technological ways.

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roxana bikfalvi

Hello everyone,

I am Roxana Bikfalvi, a Romanian girl passionate of photography, writing, a lover of the nature, but also a lover of molecular biology and genetics. I also have a degree in medicine and I’m specialized in genetics. I was impressed by and felt in love with Gargano in the first moment I arrived here. I speak wonderfully English and Romanian and I have a good knowledge of Spanish and my beloved Italian.

I always used my free time in Romania (Transylvania) to take walks into the mountains and take photos, in order to get away for a while of the city chaos and to breathe some fresh air. Not long ago life took me to South Italy, exactly on Gargano; it was love at first sight, my friends; a truly wonderful land, a little Paradise where the sea and the mountain seems like two lovers that doesn’t want to be separated. A land with wonderful people, that makes you feel comfortable even if you are from another part of the world.

In this place life has another flavor, it means emotions and beautiful experiences, culture, respect, history and many more. After being literally stolen by this land I decided to stay and this is the reason why I’m here; I want to tell you my experiences, my adventures and why not, make you live the same emotions that I am still living. I want you to get to know Gargano also through my eyesm I want you to discover the point of view of someone that is discovering it only now.

This is all I want, living it with you, my friends; if you need advices or help, Raffaele and I are here for you, to make sure you have an unforgettable experience on the Gargano.

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Good experience on Gargano to you all..!

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