Gargano still the protagonist on Rai, today on TV at Easy Driver

easy driver rai sul gargano
Mattinata, Monte Sant’Angelo and Manfredonia will be today from the 14:00 the protagonists of Rai 1 program Easy Driver conducted by Roberta Morise and Veronica Gatto.
Easy Driver will return on the wonderful Gargano‘s streets today, February 1, on the board of the mythic Abarth 595 to celebrate its 50’s anniversary.

For this episode you should stick to the television friends, because driving on the streets of Manfredonia, Mattinata and Monte Sant’Angelo the two brave drivers will tell us about the wonders they will meet on this beautiful road, among which the wonderful Sanctuary of Saint Michele the Archangel at Monte Sant’Angelo.

Good view to you all…!!

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