Pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo; visiting Saint Pius

Continuing to live for you (and also for us…:-D) fantastic experiences on Gargano, this time we have decided to take you to a Sacred place, a place where had lived a simple man, humble and with immense faith, we are speaking about Padre Pius (today Saint Pius) and of San Giovanni Rotondo, another religious itinerary of Gargano and one of the most visited sacred places in the world.

Padre Pius, loved and honored by millions of believers all over the world for his great faith in Jesus but also for his many miracles, arrived in this place as a simple cappuccino friar and here, in his convent at San Giovanni Rotondo, today famous all over the world, decided to spend all of his humble life.

What our Lord gave to this simple friar and also his legendary stigmas, made Padre Pius a very popular man with the years; in fact with his immense faith and with the eyes of God he was able to read the souls of the people, he was able to see the future, healed the sick ones and was always on the side of the neediest. It is said that he also had the gift of being in two places in the same time and always received visits from God, from Madonna and mostly from the demon who tempted and tortured him with every occasion.

To prove his great faith in Jesus, Saint Pius dedicated all of his life to listen, heal and help everyone who needed it, even the souls of the dead that only him was able to listen.

His immense goodness and his infinite faith took him, also throughout the guidance of our Lord, to give life to great works for humanity one of which is the famous hospital of San Giovanni Rotondo, Home for the Relief of Suffering. This hospital, projected and constructed between 1940 and 1956 is today a very special building not only for its meaning but also for its great utility for the garganic lands and not only.

This extraordinary man that was Padre Pius, after a life of absolute poverty, reached the house of our Father in September 23, 1968. In May 2, 1999 Papa John Paul II beatified him and in June 16, 2002 he was finally declared Saint.

The body of Saint Pius, once buried in Santa Maria delle Grazie church in San Giovanni Rotondo where it was possible to pray seeing only his tombstone, today is exhibited inside the chapel of the new Sanctuary dedicated to him.

Millions of pilgrims visit every year this new Sanctuary of Saint Pius but anyway according to our feelings, the church of our Saint is that of Santa Maria delle Grazie; it is here where we really feel the spirit of Padre Pius and it’s here where is also possible to make a small trek to discover the cell where this humble friar lived, his confessional and other of his personal objects labeled with care and exhibited to the public. Inside Santa Maria delle Grazie church is also possible to enjoy the privilege of praying in front of the crucifix where Saint Pius received his stigmas. Taking this trek is like reliving a little the life of Saint Pius; seeing all of his belongings kept with so much care like they are waiting for him to return is a really unique emotion.

Arriving to San Giovanni Rotondo, for those who believe, the presence of Padre Pius is felt right away. It is incredible to see this huge work of love that is the Home for the Relief of Suffering, considered one of the most efficient European hospitals where every year thousands of people are cured; really great structure, projected with the heart and created from the great desire of Padre Pius to give relief to the suffering of the most needy.

But we continue our religious itinerary at San Giovanni Rotondo getting to the new Sanctuary projected by the famous architect Renzo Piano in the honor of Saint Pius. Thinking of the humbleness of Padre Pius and to his great need to give everything to the needy, in our modest opinion this Sanctuary is a little too rich and the thought that it was built with the pilgrims donations from all over the world leaves us a little confused.

Admiring this great work that is the Sanctuary and taking the route that will lead us inside the chapel where today is exhibited the body of the Saint we can see huge walls decorated with gold and mosaic, a Pharaonic artwork. It is really unlikely that Saint Pius agreed on such a waste of money..!; but we leave these details and concentrate over our faith, the true reason why we are here today.

Entered in this luxurious chapel we wait to end the long line of faithful people to finally admire face to face one of the most famous Saints in the world. It’s really emotional, I can assure you; the thought that in front of us is a Saint as humble as miraculous gives us goose bumps. His facial expressions emotion us, even if his face has been partially reconstructed. Seeing him through that window he still transmits us his great humbleness and humanity and his great love for faith and for all of us humans of the Earth.

Once made our prayer we get out from this dream of faith and return home; our experience ends here.

This is the experience that we lived today, rich of shivers and emotions; this is one of those experiences that we cannot transmit through an article but you need to live it in order to really feel the emotions. If you come here with faith and devotion, Saint Pius will know how to give to every one of you something different and unique to keep into your hearts for all of your life.

Great experience on Gargano to you all…!!

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