The pecorino garganico, authentic flavor of Gargano

The production of the wonderful pecorino garganico is the new experience that we wanted to live for you in an ancient farm of Gargano, after we made you discover how is made the more famous caciocavallo podolico of Gargano. This time we have chosen to discover this magic in one of the many farms between Vieste and Mattinata; prepare yourselves because you will be guests of our senses and we will nourish together with strong, authentic emotions. But without losing ourselves in other introduction words we begin to discover just how many emotions can give us the making of pecorino of Gargano.

At half past five in the morning we arrive at the farm; yes it’s very early but the life of the shepherds is a rough one even if according to them this is the best lifestyle they could have ever chosen. We walk around and in an incredible quite amid dusk and the breathtaking panorama we see the beautiful sheep that are still sleeping watched over by their loyal dogs. We get closer to them and we notice that they curiously open their eyes to see us but, after they understood that we represent no danger they return immediately in their world of dreams waiting for the shepherd that will lead them to pasture.

It’s a sweet silence what we can hear in this fresh and pure air of countryside; the song of the birds hidden between the branches of the ancient olive trees makes us company. But only in appearance is everything so peaceful, because the shepherds are already all of them awake and at work.

Taking another two steps we finally meet the lady of this wonderful farm that with a great kindness welcomes us and, like a grandmother with her grandchildren, tells us moments from her youth when, even then, she was making this fantastic pecorino of Gargano. This incredible lady is very joyful to have us around; we can see right away her wish of talking and she also decides to tell us some of her small secrets about the production of the wonderful pecorino garganico.

Inside the ancient and characteristic homestead where the magic of the making of pecorino of Gargano happens we notice straightaway in a cauldron made of cooper and tin the milk that her husband, the shepherd, milks from the sheep in the evening and also in the morning.

But look at this special lady going into action and between ancient work tools and woven baskets begins her creation. She tells us and also shows us that for making this delicious cheese she begins with warming the sheep milk to 36-38 degrees; after the temperature is reached and she turns off the fire, the rennet is added (only rennet of goat or lamb) and she waits until the milk curdles and transforms into curd. After we waited for about an hour, the milk was almost getting the consistency of a pudding; is really wonderful and, seeing that the lady with her immense kindness asks us if we want to taste, even if it’s really early in the morning we don’t say no to such an offer. What comes to our senses is an explosion of infinite sweetness, seems like a pudding of sweetened milk, truly unique friends…!

Proceeding with the making of our pecorino garganico between the stories lived in her youth by this fantastic lady and secrets of production, the cauldron with the curd is put again above the fire; meanwhile it begins to get warm with a typical wooden stick shaped like a mushroom, the old lady brakes the curd in pieces mixing it with the whey until it gets to 30 degrees. At this point with her experimented hands she tries to unite all the broken curd, takes out this dough, puts it into a woven basket and with her hands gives the shape to our pecorino of Gargano.

In this moment our pecorino is almost ready, in fact after leaving it a little in the basket to drain the whey, the old lady begins to sprinkle it with salt, fundamental ingredient for its long conservation and for its taste. After she salted it, the delicious pecorino of Gargano is ready for seasoning; it can be eaten fresh (after a few days from its production) or, as advised, aged up to one year; this fantastic work of art more is being aged more will give us a heavenly taste.

We arrived at the end of another wonderful experience on Gargano; if after you lived with us this incredible adventure you feel hungry we invite you with us and, with a tasty bruschetta made with bread of Gargano, extra virgin olive oil and pecorino slices and a good red wine from our land tasted in open air you will appreciate more the wonderful happiness that those little things give us, those simples and genuine.

Great experience on Gargano to you all…!!

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