Early Christian necropolis of Vieste, La Salata

Every place has its history; written in ancient sites covered by time and resuscitated by those who discovered them, today is a treasure chest and a heritage for all of us. They are fantastic places that take us back to the life of our ancestors and allow us to learn about them many truths. Of those fascinating places the Gargano is full; we wanted to live another exciting experience for you along an interesting archaeological itinerary on Gargano and, in a place where nature meets history to tell us how the years have passed and how changed the things over the centuries, we have visited the vast burial complex of the early Christian necropolis of Vieste, La Salata.

This archeological-naturalistic oasis immersed in the green of the Mediterranean maquis and defined by many archeologists as the most suggestive and majestic necropolis from the whole Mediterranean area, represents today one of the most important necropolis of this genre.

The early Christian necropolis of Vieste La Salata, dating from the III-IV century A.D. and probably also the graveyard of the ancient city of Merino is today the oldest evidence that we have of Christianity on the Gargano at that time. This fascinating necropolis divided in caves, is made of parietal niches (on the walls) and terrain niches (on the ground) and has more than 300 tombs sealed with slabs of clay similar to those found in Roman catacombs. There are also many small niches obviously used to deposit the ashes of the cremated.

Besides from being an important archeological site, the early Christian necropolis of Vieste La Salata, is also an important site from the geological, faunal and botanical points of view; here in fact we can admire in addition to the various brooks of karst and numerous fossils trapped in the rock, many species of birds and many varieties of plants like capers, aromatic plants of many types, watercress and many others. Is also possible to admire a beautiful lake, that connected with the sea through a torrent, give the oasis’s name to this incredible work of art.

In a place where the silence is the master, we remade for you a very important archeological itinerary on Gargano. We discovered timeless works and we lived a fantastic experience; now it’s your turn if you are fans of history, art or archeology; we are sure this place will grab everyone’s attention.

Great experience on Gargano to you all…!!

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