Vieste’s lighthouse between charm and legends

We see them often in the romantic movies or we admire them in our holidays by the sea; we are also used to hear often stories or legends about them. We love to take pictures of them or simply admire them at sunrise or at sunset; their silence and their ravishing profile takes us into a land made of dreams. Here on Gargano are many but one is standing above all for its incredible charm. What is it? Well it’s the wonderful lighthouse of Vieste, friends.

The lighthouses, since always a vital part for the navigation all over the world, in some of these places have become something more than just fundamental instruments for navigation, true historical monuments and also tourist attractions.

Well friends, if now you are thinking about a seaside holiday and maybe even imagine a lighthouse surrounded by seagulls that are flying freely and thoughtless, than you must be also thinking about living an experience on the Gargano to admire the wonderful lighthouse of Vieste.

The lighthouse of Vieste was projected in 1867. Besides issuing three light beams at every 15 seconds, it has a particular and rare to see around shape because the tower is built exactly over the house of the ancient guardian. Obviously today, thanks to the modern technology, the house of the beacon is completely uninhabited making this marvel more mysterious and fascinating.

Another incredible particularity of Vieste’s lighthouse is that it was built on a natural isle named Scoglio di Santa Eufemia. On this isle we can find a cave with the walls rich of sacred carvings of a highly importance, and if you are asking why the answer is easy; this isle has been a Sanctuary dedicated to the Venere Sosandra Goddess, Sanctuary that later becomes a Christian worship place.

Vieste’s citizens are nourishing a deep love towards this lighthouse; this bond is explained by a fantastic legend. It tells us that after the Great Flood, Noah and his wife Vesta decided to settle down and live happily here in Gargano. After his wife’s death, Noah, with a great sorrow, chose the lighthouse isle to build a city in the honor of his beloved and named it Vesta; from that with the passing of the years the name changed in what we all know today, Vieste.

Well friends, we arrived at the end of this short but fascinating story of Vieste’s lighthouse. A unique lighthouse with thousands of wonders placed here on Gargano for the delight of its visitors. Now what are you waiting, as soon as you can come and salute it, you will see that it will return the salute…:-D

Great experience on Gargano to you all…!!

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