Umbra forest National Park of Gargano, what an excitement..!

The Umbra Forest, National Park of Gargano together with the wonderful woods of this territory are guests in the magical land of Gargano since the ancient times. In this land where the sea and the forest had always lived together in a perfect harmony one can admire natural marvels of a rare beauty. But if with the sea played with the wonderful coast on the “boundary” of Gargano digging the charming sea caves, at the center of this territory the nature played with its fantasy offering to all of us a true work of art, the Nemus Garganicum.

Now you are wondering what has to do this name with the Umbra Forest? Well friends, you must know that Nemus Garganicum is a very important name, in fact since the ‘800 this name represents the whole green lung of the Gargano that is Umbra Forest, Quarto wood and Spigno wood.

But why is it named Umbra Forest if you can find it on Gargano? Well for sure it has nothing to do with the homonymous Italian region if you were thinking about that; the name Umbra derives from the Latin and means “shadow”.

The Umbra Forest, today the National Park of Gargano is situated at a height of about 800 meters over the sea level and extends, silently and magical, between the cities of Vieste, Peschici, Monte Sant’Angelo, Vico del Gargano, up to Carpino. This with its charming beauty let the travelers to mix the blue holidays to Gargano with the wonderful green of the trees from the inland.

To live a fantastic experience inside the Umbra Forest, in some cases with the help of an experimented guide, we have many choices; trekking, orienteering and biking are just a few of the activities that can be practiced. Anyway, whatever our choice is the Umbra Forest is waiting for us with its marvels ready to be admired.

Like all the other experiences on Gargano that we spoke about and that you could have lived with us if you wanted, we decided to live for you this experience in Umbra Forest with the hope that through our emotions this walk into the forest will also become yours.

We start our walk beginning from the small settlement of Umbra village that is situated in the heart of the forest. This has for the travelers an important information center from where we can start out with many useful informations like maps with the paths and indications of the rest and picnic areas, useful informations about the flora and the fauna of the park and many others.

The small naturalistic museum situated in correspondence shows us the fauna and the flora of this forest and also shows us a model of Gargano at scale. Also in correspondence with Umbra village, across a wonderful path we discover how the ancient coalmen lived in a spectacular reconstruction; we visit their houses and get to know the ancient tools they used and even get to touch them. Getting out, we make a tour at the Giocabosco an area made especially for the little ones but also for those a bit bigger “including myself” that love feeling childish…:-D; that, in a fairy tale atmosphere, brings back the forgotten memories from when we were children. A fantastic idea for spending beautiful and exciting moments for you and for your children. In front of the Giocabosco we can admire another beautiful area destined for deer, fallow deer and moufflons and even feed those wonderful specimens with grains purchased from the museum. The entire village is really ideal for stimulating your interest and above all the interest of your kids.

Getting away from the village and proceeding with our route into the Umbra Forest we get to the wonderful lake, even this situated in the heart of this splendid marvel of nature. This beautiful artificial lake, filled with rainwater is home for many forms of life that we can easily observe simply by walking around it; in the lake we can see catfish of all sizes, goldfish, frogs, toads, wonderful turtles, and all kind of ducks quacking on the water.

Continuing our walk into the Umbra Forest we become increasingly aware of how impressive is the flora in this fascinating place. The trees are covering all the sky with their branches giving to this forest a feeling of enchanted forest. Waiting to see a fairy…:-D, we admire the impressive beech, oaks, cedars, chestnuts and birch trees that are around us; they really are many and all together form a tangled mash of braches that creates some wonderful nature’s drawings. More below, between the many green tones of the underbrush we admire various types of flowers like cyclamen and wonderful wild orchids.

Inside the Umbra Forest is a perfect equilibrium and harmony; between the sound of the wind that lets the trees speak, the song of the birds and the voice of the animals the emotions cannot be held.

Even the fauna of the Umbra Forest is impressive, rich of deer, garganic deer that is a native species, wild boars but also wild cats, foxes, wolves, hedgehogs, many reptiles and more others. And they couldn’t miss, the wonderful podolic cows; here, even if it’s not really their home because they are domestic animals, they graze calmly into the forest waiting for the hour when they return to the farms.

Between the cuckoo songs and the sound of the woodpeckers we are reaching the end of this brief but intense day in the nature. Because of its density, the time seems to run faster into the forest and the night gets here first..!

What we described is only a small part of the many experiences that you can live into the Umbra Forest, now it is your turn to choose the best way to pass unforgettable days in the company of the wonderful wild nature. We are waiting for you..!

Great experience on Gargano to you all…!!

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