15 reasons for choosing Gargano as a destination for your holidays

The wonderful experiences that Gargano is always giving us seems to be created exactly for the time we are living today. With the frenetic rhythms of the work and the chaos of the cities this land seems to be a true shelter for the cure of your stressed souls. But Gargano offers much more; in fact, every year this land is the destination for millions of travelers from every part of the world driven here by various reasons, reasons we will make you understand with this, we hope, interesting list.

But now without losing any more time let’s dive into the discovery of this fantastic land and let’s see the 15 reasons for which, according to us, you should come in vacation on Gargano.

1. The first reason why you should choose the Gargano as a favorite destination for your holidays is that in this fantastic land you can find a high variety of environments. Either it’s the sea or the countryside, forests, woods, lakes or mountains, well, here you will find them all and around them you can live some fantastic experiences.

2. The many beaches present on the Gargano offers even those wonderful experiences. The lovers of surf, windsurf, kitesurf and sailing will find here the ideal places where to practice their favorite sport. In fact on the Gargano it’s possible to find beaches with a northern exposure that are advised because they are always ventilated. If you are a beginner, along the coastline it is possible to find even equipped beaches and professional instructors to live this experience safely.

3. Still speaking about the sea and the sport, the Gargano has also ideal places for diving, mainly in the Tremiti Islands area. Here the variety of marine species and the beauty of the depths will charm you and it will give you an unforgettable emotion.

4. The wonderful Umbra forest, Gargano National Park is another valid reason to choose a holiday on Gargano. This offers ideal environments for many experiences as trekking and orienteering; but it gives much more. In fact here is possible to visit a small naturalistic museum, make a journey to discover how the ancient coalmen were living, in the cold months you can pick mushrooms and chestnuts and if you have children nothing can be better than bring them to the forest’s park to play and see wonderful deer and wild sheep.

5. But if trekking is not one of your favorite things, there are many other things you can do according to your own taste. For example biking or jogging; you will find many routes to practice these sports and with variable difficulty levels. You can practice this in the nature or along the beaches, even in cities or towards sacred places, the experience is guaranteed.

6. And speaking exactly about sacred places, Gargano has always been a destination for pilgrims from all over the world, and if you wonder why, well, it’s enough to say just a few famous places and you will get the idea: Saint Michele the Archangel at Monte Sant’Angelo and Saint Pius at San Giovanni Rotondo.

7. For the travelers that are enthusiastic for arts and history, on Gargano they can find many museums and archeological sites; wonderful cathedrals and historical centers from where to pick informations about the roots of the ancient people, the famous watching towers from the coasts and many castles; and these are only a few. Here are many experiences of this kind that can be lived.

8. And for the travelers that love to discover flora and fauna of the nature that are wondering what is here for them, right? Well don’t be afraid, even for you Gargano offers a high variety of experiences to live. We don’t have to forget that we are in Gargano National Park and thanks to this we are surrounded by an impressive biodiversity rich of both flora and fauna. To give just an example, the traveler more interested in botanic can discover, among many other species, an incredible variety of wild orchids (more than 80 different species) and we don’t continue with this argument because we can speak about it for hours…:-D

9. The phenomenon of the karst is another characteristic of the garganic territory. Exactly for this reason, the Gargano offers many experiences even for the speleology enthusiasts. Unique experiences can be lived between the sea caves and the caves from the mainland.

10. If at this point your doubt is: but we have children, what can we do? It is recommended also for them? The answer is almost obvious; definitely yes…:-D The holidays with children on the Gargano are totally recommended. Here are some of the reasons that can show you why, for example, many beaches that goes down into the sea slowly and that have shade in the afternoon. But if your child is allergic to the sand and cannot walk on it? Well, here are many beaches of gravel. But there are more other activities that you can have here with the little ones to keep up their interests, just think about Umbra forest with its animals and its park to make an idea…:-D

11. But we don’t have children we have pets; what do we do? In many other places this is a problem, on Gargano how are you organized? Very well, if you have pets you should know that Gargano is “animal friendly” almost everywhere. Many tourist facilities, lidos and commercial activities of Gargano are expending their horizons by allowing the access for our four legged friends. This means you can bring you faithful friends with you without problems. “Because a true experience must be always lived with our best friend…:-D”

12. Do you want to discover the traditions of Gargano? Good, the patronal festivities are another valid reason to get to know habits and costumes of Gargano. Reason of pride and source of great happiness for the habitants of this place these festivities will leave inside you unforgettable memories.

13. Maybe you are asking: but we are more interested in the food and wine of a territory and we want to find out more about Gargano, what can you suggest? Food and wine travels in Gargano that you can make are infinite. Beginning with the farms where you can taste the many types of cheese made in front of your eyes, you can pass to wineries that produce great wines and to ancient oil mills where you can taste the famous extra virgin olive oil of Gargano; you can make gourmet itineraries based on fish or land products, in every town you can taste different traditional dishes cooked with local ingredients, in short there is a wide variety for the gourmand travelers…:-D

14. And what do you say, fishing lovers? Even for this Gargano is prepared. The recreational fishing in fact is another beautiful passion that you can cultivate in the best way. How? For the lovers of this sport the Gargano has many choices. Surf casting, fishing from the shore, trolling or deep sea fishing? The choice is all yours and if you want to learn even about the ancient fishing techniques that are used in this land, well try to visit the “trabucchi” of Gargano, you will remain speechless.

15. As a last reasons and not for it’s importance, we suggest to visit the Gargano only if you are really enthusiasts of the marvels and travelers seaching authentic and unforgettable experiences…:-D


Well, we arrived at the end of this list of reasons where we described only some of the experiences that you can live during your holiday on Gargano. We described the diversity of our territory, we spoke about the many activities you can perform and about the passions you can develop; now it’s your turn to choose.

We can only tell you that every place has its history, its marvels and its treasures; and the treasures must be discovered…:-D

Great experience on Gargano to you all…!!

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