The marine caves of the Gargano, between Vieste and Mattinata

The coast of Gargano, rugged and characterized by the wonderful white of the limestone cliffs, offers dream scenarios to the traveler who visits it. The cliff in fact, with its green blanket seems almost like it wants to plunge into the sea and holds inside secretes and wonders that throughout our experience we hope you will live them also.

The mountain and the sea here on Gargano know themselves from millenniums; and if at first they were only neighbors, as the years passed by they became more and more friends so the mountain decided to give the sea a place to rest. Finding its natural shelter, the friend sea feeling in debt with the mountain wanted to give it a gift and decorated the beautiful cliff with true nature’s works of art that today makes this coast one of the marvels of our planet, we are speaking of the wonderful marine caves of Gargano.

These masterpieces of the sea with unique and charming shapes, are positioned in places where the crystalline sea and the cliff covered in green meet themselves showing their splendor to everyone. They seem paintings on this landscapes, with mysterious shades and a magical atmosphere that leaves everyone breathless. It is difficult to describe in words the beauty of Gargano’s sea caves like is difficult to understand why they have those weird names; but one thing is for sure, since they were discovered they fascinate the travelers from around the world.

But we are leaving now, on the board of a wooden boat to live this exciting experience between the sea and the wild nature travelling on the blue mirror of the Adriatic.

Every port of this territory is the ideal place for beginning our trip to the discovering of this wonderful sea caves of Gargano. We have chosen Vieste and at the board of a beautiful boat we began our exciting trip.

Wonderful sunshine rays are playing with the waves when we arrive at the first marvel, the cave of the Smugglers. Impressive this name, true? And yet behind a so particular name hides a one of a kind marvel. It is named like this because in the past some smugglers managed to get away exactly because of this cave structure that has two entries, one at south and the other at north.

After remaking the path of the smugglers…:-P we continue our experience discovering the cave Little Bell. Are you wondering why this name? Well we understood it only after we got in, in fact beside its incredible charm this wonderful cave looks very much like a church bell.

But we leave behind the bell and go towards another small piece of Paradise, this time a wonderful beach, we are talking about Baia di Campi. This beautiful beach immersed in the green of the nature calls us to discover its wonders also; its stones rounded by the sea invites us to take a break between olive trees and pines. Even the sea has a gift for us, in fact besides the beautiful island we can admire right in front of this bay, in these crystalline waters you can glimpse the profile of an ancient roman ship, a true memory of a passed time.

Leaving this wonderful bay, first of getting to the Capo Vieste cliff, named like this because is very similar to a human face profile and is the most exposed cliff into the Adriatic, we discover the cave Two Eyes. This, fantastic and mysterious like its name, for being literally “guarded into the eyes” must be explored inside. With a beautiful design on the walls created by the light filtrated through the green of the branches that covers it with care “maybe to protect it from the cold…J ” even this cave offers a breathtaking scenario. Admiring this perfect symbiosis between the sea and the nature through a so particular limestone wall gives a unique emotion that cannot be described in words, it can only be lived.

Another indescribable emotion is waiting at the next cave we explore. This cave knowing that its friend the sea loves playing with the rays of the sun decided to give it a gift; renounced at its roof to let the light enter so its friend can be even more happy; as you will see the plan succeeded. In fact in the Broken cave the sea is happy and, thanks to the light that comes in from the ceiling, is giving to the traveler a light blue-turquoise color and a clearness that gives a glimpse of the infinite. Emotional is little to say.

Continuing our exploration to the discovery of Gargano’s sea caves we encounter the fantastic Warm cave; yes you guessed!! It has this name because during the winter it has the water a bit warm. In fact, if we think a little, a home is meant to be warm, right? Well this is the home of the sea now…:-D. Some people calls this cave Violet cave. Inside the question that we all had was: but who painted this walls with this wonderful shades of violet? What can we answer if not that the fantasy of Mother Nature utilized in this land really has no limits..!! Totally amazing.

We leave the Warm cave and head towards another marvel of this fantastic experience, the cave of Tomatoes. The name is not for nothing but if you thought to take out your sandwich for lunch, well you’d better wait, in fact the “tomatoes” that are attacked to the wall are a marine species (not comestible).

Going out, with the charming Porto Greco Bay on one side and the blue horizon on the other side we continue our boat experience heading towards the Marble cave named like this thanks to its smooth walls that looks like marble. Separated with a slim tongue of limestone, next to this cave we found the cave of the Mermaids which owes its name to a legend. That tells us that inside lived the mermaids waiting for their beloved prey, the men.

Getting away of this fairy tale dream with mermaids our experience to the discovering of Gargano’s sea caves continues to the cave Two Rooms. This name is owed to the fact that it really has two rooms almost parallel which communicate one with the other through two small openings on the walls.

Admiring from distance the wonderful beach of Cala La Pergola we proceed with our experience towards new caves. We leave behind, for now, Cala La Pergola and the Two Rooms just to discover another marvel, the cave of Dreams. Mermaids, dreams, I think something fantastic must have been into these waters!!…:-D

The Palette cave, another spectacular masterpiece of nature, seems really the palette of an artist; in this simply wonderful cave is possible in fact to admire an impressive mix of natural colors, it is the moment to say we admire a true work of art.

Going out of this natural art gallery we continue our experience exploring the cave Big Bell, the greater sister of the Little Bell; the Snake cave owes its name to a peculiar shape similar to a cobra on a wall and the Emerald cave or Bats cave is named like this because of the high number of those little creatures that lived inside.

Going forward we find the Round cave that slightly reminds a snail and the Windows cave that doesn’t need so many explanations, its name tells everything. The last marine cave of the Gargano that we visit is Magic Eye cave; that gives us another enchanted magic, in fact inside it has a little beach, but not only. The cliff lets inside a small ray of light and that gives the water a color that almost hypnotize us with so much beauty. Well what can I say friends, a wonderful experience is little to say.

But now it is the time to go back; we return towards the port being charmed by the sunshine rays that are playing with the waves, that wind caresses our skin and still keeps us suspended between dream and reality. The emotions we lived are still strong but our souls begin already to think about our next experience in this fairy tale world that is the Gargano.

Great experience on Gargano to you all…!!

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