9 advices for living an unforgettable experience at Peschici

Dear friends, we continue our advices to improve your experiences on Gargano talking today about the beautiful Peschici, another charming town of our beloved promontory. I would define Peschici a small jewel, because despite of its size it offer to the travelers who visit it an almost surreal atmosphere. But let’s not waste any more time and begin with our advices of experiences that absolutely you cannot miss while visiting Peschici.


    1. Like all the other cities of Gargano even Peschici has a history, dating since 970 A.D. and naturally, having all this history means it also have a wonderful historical center to discover. And this is our first advice that we want to give for a fantastic experience. The historical center of Peschici is very characteristic and you can see right away the Mediterranean influence. Here in fact you will be dazzled by the wonderful white of those small houses, built so close to each other as if to keep themselves company; you will cross picturesque alleys and you will walk through narrow cobbled streets admiring cribs and ancient passages that will emotion you. Thousands perfumes and flavors of tradition will inebriate your senses and the joy of visiting this place will excite you.
    2. Santa Maria di Kàlena abbey even if it cannot be visited inside (only in September 8) is however one of the most antique worship places of Gargano and of all Italy. Just think that it was built in 872 A.D. and donated after some time after to the Tremiti Islands abbey by the Bishop of Siponto. So many ages of life makes it really wonderful it is a little experience that you really should live.
    3. The sanctuary of Madonna di Loreto is another wonderful edifice, dedicated and constructed also in the honor of Virgin Mary, dated in XVI-CVII century A.D. Its unusual shape and its size are magically explained by a legend that tells us that a group of sailors, saved from the stormy sea by Virgin Mary who lightened the way to the shore, wanted to build this sanctuary by the shape and size of their boat as a sign of gratitude. Every year, in the second Monday after Easter the citizens of Peschici worship Virgin Mary with a procession during which the statue is carried along the beach.
    4. The castle of Peschici, another interesting itinerary for your experience, guards over the sea and over the town since Middle Age. It was built between X-XI centuries by the Normans; a short time after it was built, Federico II of Svevia makes some changes adding Rocca Imperiale tower and the enclosure Recinto Baronale. The castle is opened for the travelers that wish to pay a visit.
    5. To keep even more alive the memories of a secular history bounded to the sea, the traveler must live the emotion to see, even here like on every other seaside towns of Gargano, the watching towers. The most famous is probably that of Monte Pucci; in fact from there it’s possible to admire a breathtaking view and you can also be witnesses to charming sunrises and sunsets and even admire an infinite horizon that often merges between the sky and the sea; a true masterpiece.
    6. The trabucchi of Peschici, even here many, are a true marvel that you should absolutely see. Just think that some of this ancient fishing machines were transformed into wonderful typical restaurants, in a landscape that you can admire only in a few places in the world, you will taste traditional dishes based on fresh fish and drink white wine also typical from our land; a truly unforgettable experience.
    7. The celebration in the honor of Peschici’s patron, Saint Elia, is another wonder to assist. In his honor the city dresses for celebration in July, precisely from 19 to 21. A celebration rich of tradition and very interesting to see. Other celebrations we must mention are in June 12 in honor of Saint Antonio and September 21 in honor of Saint Matteo.
    8. Thinking that a traveler usually choose Peschici for the seaside experiences he could live, it is to say that here are no less of 13 wonderful beaches that will astonish you. The beach Marina di Peschici for example is highly recommended for the traveler that wants to live a surf experience because it is the most exposed to the northern winds. And it also has the particularity that you can see both sunrise and sunset into the sea. But there is much more; for example the traveler who searches a most quiet beach, Jalillo beach could be the best. Here you can enjoy a small beach of fine sand with a Nordic exposure that assures shade in the afternoon and so it makes it more fresh and enjoyable mainly for the little ones. A small curiosity I want to share about its name is that Jalillo in Peschici’s dialect means exactly small beach. The beach of Zaiana is also wonderful, also of fine sand and submerged into the charm of nature and rocky walls that surrounds it. Even this one has shade in the afternoon and so it is the ideal place for spending a lovely day at the seaside. But you can visit all of these beautiful beaches; they are here for you; visit also La Cala, Procinisco, Manaccora, San Nicola, Gusmay, Cala Lunga, Spiaggia della Croce, Bescile, Sfinale, and Baia del Turco and you will live a unique emotion.
    9. And we have to finish our advice list with an emotional culinary voyage between dishes with unique and simple tastes like the typical bruschette with extra virgin olive oil of Gargano, onion and tomatoes; the typical fragagghiamme, a delicious dish made with fresh little raw fishes and even dishes of homemade pasta like the “strascinate” or the orecchiette, not to miss pasta and beans and much more.

Friends this is the experience that, like all of them, we lived for you. Now it’s your turn to live it in the most interesting way; you’ll see, it will leave an unforgettable memory for the rest of your life.

Great experience on Gargano to you all…!!

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