Learn how to make the “orecchiette” of Apulia like my grandma taught me

I start by saying that first of all I write this article for the wind, the only one capable of taking it up there, the only one capable of putting it directly in the hands of a great lady, the only one capable to transmit my gratitude and strong affection to my grandmother, because what I’m about to write I owe it exclusively to her, and forgive me if with my heart in my hands I write THANK YOU GRANDMA.

This necessary introduction being done, let’s go right away to discover this wonderful traditional product known a little all over the world.

During your visit through the picturesque cities of Gargano you will surely run across traditional shops were are produced and sold the famous “orecchietteof Apulia. The question that now spontaneously rises in all of you is: but what is so different between these incredible “orecchiette” and those made industrially that can be found in every shop?

Well first of all I must say that beginning with their esthetic aspect there are many differences. The color for example, of that intense yellow from the durum wheat semolina that our women use, and the porosity of the pasta that for those that are handmade is more evident; but even the shape is different, in fact they have the gift of being diverse one of another, I always say that in their perfection are all a little imperfect; they are true pieces of art, these “orecchiette”. Than it is the love, the passion and that distinctive taste of the grain from our Tavoliere of Apulia; and after that it is the experience of our women, of our grandmothers, of our mothers, that with their marvelous skills are able to give life to these true masterpieces.

You should see these extraordinary women when they are at work; in their homes or in their little shops is always celebration time, a jubilation of smells and colors and a mix of emotions, between semolina that flies and perfume of traditions. There are strong, authentic emotions that you travelers should absolutely try during your experience on Gargano.

But now let’s leave the theory to pass for a while at the practice and let’s understand what ingredients you should use and see how is the procedure to realize at home the “orecchietteof Apulia.

Let’s begin with the ingredients:

400 gr. of durum wheat semolina (from Apulia plains if possible);

1 dl of warm water;

1 pinch of salt (according to your own taste)

Love, passion and so much patience


Once finished the ingredients list let’s proceed to the more complicated process of making them:

- pour on your working board the durum wheat semolina and the salt, create a hole in the middle, pour in the warm water a bit at a time and begin to knead;

- knead the pasta for ten minutes, being careful and using the lower part of your hand’s palm to knead, continue until in the interior will be formed tiny bubbles: you should obtain a rather firm and smooth pasta;

- once finished the kneading, cover the dough with a wet cloth; begin right away to divide it into pieces from which you will make strings with of the thickness of a pencil by rolling them on the floured surface of your working board; cut the string into pieces of about one centimeter.

- with the bold side of a knife press the pieces onto the working board in a way that the pasta curves and becomes similar to a shell;

- with your thumb press again the middle of every shell, helping yourself with the knife if necessary

- the result will be the “orecchiette” that must be placed side by side on a towel, a tray or directly on your working board;

- follow the same steps until you finish all the dough. My advice is to make this marvels a night before you cook them, to give them time to become slightly dried.

Once created these little jewels and finally arrived the time to cook them, according to you, respecting our tradition what dish could I recommend? Well yes, let’s cook the famous “orecchettewith green turnips, another marvel of our tradition.

With this wonderful dish I finish my course about the “orecchiette”; this is my experience friends, this is my knowledge transmitted to me by my grandma and with a great pleasure I shared it with you through this, I hope pleasant article.

Great experience on Gargano to you all…!!

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    • Hai ragione Manuela, è una sensazione davvero incredibile. Ecco la vera essenza delle tradizioni, ecco perchè con tutto il cuore vorrei che mai nessuna tradizione scomparisse. Noi abbiamo bisogno di loro, quindi impegniamoci al massimo per preservarle, conservarle e tramandarle. Grazie ancora per il bellissimo commento e alla prossima…:-D

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