The trabucchi from Gargano, an emotions to live

Have you ever felt the emotion of seeing the trabucchi from Gargano alive? Do you know what a trabucco is? Hold on tight because together we will go to discover these ancient machines, we will understand how they work and we will discover their emotional magic, magic that here on Gargano is possible to live every day.

We begin by telling you that the word trabucco, today almost always associated with the ancient fishing technique, in reality in medieval times was a war machine, that was difficult to manage because of its great dimensions and its fixed location and was similar to a catapult.

As the time passed by, this word got a different meaning from the original one. Are you already thinking that where you will find trabucchi you will also find some battle fields!? Not at all; in fact, maybe because they are constructed with wooden piles or maybe because at the first impact they look like combat weapons, today the trabucchi for all of us are that spectacular human powered machines that are facing the infinite of the sea for searching fishes that pass by.

Once arrived at this point we can also link the Gargano to this story; because exactly in this land these ancient fishing machines, probably of Phoenician origins, are really many and we can easily find them. If I wouldn’t upload any photo and you wouldn’t have no clue about what a trabucco is, just by seeing one in Gargano you would immediately recognize it. Now imagine about what kind of rare beauty I am speaking of and what incredible experience you can have here with us…:-D

The trabucchi of Gargano, like some of the other trabucchi, are machines built at seashores over the rocks on robust wooden piles on which rests a wooden platform. From here, over the blue mirror of the sea, are extended two arms, also made of wood, that with their inexhaustible force sustain a fishing net.

How they work isn’t so complicated in fact the net is lowered into the sea by turning a winch, with the help of at least two men; the strategy of this ingenious way of fishing is to lower the net in an oblique position, that when the schools of fish pass by they manage to enter the net but cannot go throughout it. In that particular moment the able fishermen, that are always guarding from the height of their trabucco, by turning again the winch, at the contrary this time, will pull up the four corners of the net and catch the fishes.

When the trabucchi are put in motion the air fills with harmony; seeing a so ancient machine collaborating with the human power is an overwhelming emotion. These are a fundamental part of the artistic patrimony of Gargano and are protected by the Park.

The trabucchi of Gargano can be admired almost everywhere along the Gargano coastline; at Vieste for example, can be admired, among the many, the splendid trabucco of San Francesco, that is one of the ancients from all the Gargano, think that this one is managed directly by WWF; going through Peschici we can even find some transformed into small typical restaurants (fishing and meal time at the sunset). Friends, visiting Gargano you will really understand the importance of this exceptional instruments for this land and for this people.

Even when the sun goes to sleep, these trabucchi, with the help of lights placed in a way that put into value their beauty, will become real works of art in the open air and gives the traveler a breathtaking show. Whatever is the moment anyway, it is always the right one to admire these extraordinary marvels that from many years fascinate and inspire many artists from all over the world. Vising them will be like giving a little part of your time to take care of yourself, because these wonders doesn’t only fascinate the eyes, they also fascinate the soul.

This is the history of the trabucchi from Gargano, this is our experience lived for you in order to discover this fantastic creatures. Make good use of this guide and if you will ever find yourself traveling on Gargano, I highly recommend you to visit them.

Great experience on Gargano to you all…!!

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  • What a lovely site, congrats! I dream of going back to Vieste one day, where I spent so many summers of my early childhood….the Pizzo Munno, ‘zia’ Rosetta (our landlady), and eating grilled cacio cavallo at that hilltop inn among the olive trees. I’ll bookmark your site, for when this day finally arrives!

    • Ohhhh wowww… Hello Barbara, I am honored to receive your message and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have to say that you filled my soul with joy through the beautiful words you wrote about Gargano, and if you need anything you just have to ask, I am completly at your service. Thank you again and I hope to hear from you soon….:-D

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