Orecchiette with green turnips

Dear friends from Gargano, let’s speak about the orecchiette with green turnips, also called “recchitelle” or “strascinati”; they are one of the mainly dishes from Puglia. For this receipt you can make the fresh pasta at home or even utilize the dried orecchiette from hard grain wheat; the peculiarity of the orecchiette is to have a rough surface that make toppings stick, in this case the green turnip and anchovies.

How to make:

The orecchiette are boiled in water along with the green turnips in order to absorb better the flavors than mixed with a flavored fried of anchovies and chopped garlic; at last it is given a picante touch by adding chilli peppers or saint oil, an extra virgin olive oil aromatized with chilli pepper.

The orecchiette with green turnips are a traditional country dish, simple but with an unique taste that is born from the union of strong flavors of the green turnips, the salty flavor of the anchovies and spicy taste of chilli.

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Good tasty experience to you all…!!

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