A fantastic experience to the Tremiti Islands

Among the many experiences that can be lived on Gargano, a really emotional experience is that of a wonderful boat trip to discover the Tremiti Islands.

Tremiti Islands, dubbed “the pearls of Gargano”, are an archipelago situated at about 12 nautical miles (about 22 km) from the continent.

These islands are a true nature Paradise, it’s enough to think that from six islands and small islands, only two are inhabited, San Domino and San Nicola, the other ones, Capraia, Pianosa, Cretaccio and La Vecchia doesn’t know the human intervention. These islands, thanks also to their incredible variety of flora e fauna, are the natural marine reservation Isole Tremiti.

The trip to this incredible adventure can be started from 3 ports of Gargano: Vieste, Peschici and Rodi Garganico. Once chosen the departure port, to reach the wonderful Tremiti Islands you don’t have to do anything else that get on the boat and depart towards an emotional journey, on a crystalline sea and a wild uncontaminated nature with a literally breathtaking landscape.

During the trip from the mainland to the Tremiti Islands you can admire the incredible beauty and the vastness of the rugged coast of Gargano; but as you turn aside the emotion of this fantastic experience can grow more alive letting you see around the boat schools of dolphins that with their incredible beauty and vivacity will keep you company along the voyage.

Getting closer to the Tremiti Islands, when the depth of the sea will become lower, thanks to the incredible clearness of this waters, you can admire beautiful colored annelids, sponges, starfish, sea urchins and many schools of fish.

Once arrived to the land and made a first tour around the island port, you will only have to choose between the activities to perform and the wonders to visit. Since typically all the boats dock to San Nicola isle, you can start to explore this fantastic island first.

San Nicola isle is the historical center of the Tremiti archipelago; it offers as a main itinerary for the traveler an amazing visit to Santa Maria a Mare Sanctuary that, according to the legends, from the III century A.D., oversees, together with its fortified walls and Angioino tower, above this magic land divided between the sky and the sea. The heart of the Tremiti Islands history is here.

After visiting it we can return to the docking place and depart towards the biggest island that has the majority of natural charm of the entire archipelago, San Domino isle. This, being also the touristic center of the islands, is full of accommodation places, bars and restaurants.

This island, nicknamed “the garden of Paradise” has also the only sand beach you can find here and gives the traveler many experiences to live.

It has one of the most beautiful Mediterranean habitats, including a beautiful forest of mixed vegetation of capers, rosemary, aleccia and Aleppo pines; but thanks to this wonderful vegetation it is possible making a wonderful trekking route into the charming natural landscape.

Besides trekking, thanks to the clear sea, the island of San Domino offers even the possibility of diving and discover many forms of underwater life; by diving you can have close encounters with sea breams, lobsters, seahorses and many other marine species. A fantastic undersea world that is visible even from the boat.

Returning on the boat you can finish the visit of this island admiring the rugged coast; that, in fact, is full of marine caves of an absolute beauty. The incredible light contrast from the interior of this caves gives the water a light blue color, almost fluorescent and a clearness that allows you to sea even in the dark of the cave the little habitants of the sea, a spectacle that will let you speechless.

The rest of the four islands and small islands, Capraia, the second in dimension, Cretaccio, Pianosa and La Vecchia are completely unpopulated, and for this reason they give the travelers an impressive biodiversity surrounded by a unique and emotional charm.

Obviously even around this islands is possible to take a look at the undersea panorama; but we suggest this kind of adventure to the travelers with more experience in diving because these waters have strong currents; even the trekking is an activity you can have here, to discover a wild and uncontaminated nature, not on all islands but on the majority.

With their unique rocks, fantastic itineraries, with their caves, their bays, with their wonderful sunsets and wild nature, with the forest that seems like it wants to taste the water of the sea Tremiti Islands are the ideal place where to live an exciting experience.

We have told you about a true miniature Paradise surrounded by the sea, a different microcosm from all that you can imagine, an absolutely to live experience.

But now it is the time to get back on the boat and depart again for other wonderful destinations on Gargano and why not, discover even the wonders of the city where you began this journey.

Great experience on Gargano to you all…!!

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