Extra virgin olive oil from Gargano, true gold!

When arriving on Gargano, among the first things that almost hypnotize the travelers are without doubt the secular olive trees. Imposing and wonderful, they have large twisted trunks with odd shapes, branches that almost touch the ground and evergreen leaves.

This secular trees found their origins in the ancient Rome and are a true fountain of pride and support for the habitants of Gargano, they are cared, respected and loved like sons.

They are ancient trees, picturesque, that inspire peace and tranquility; trees considered live monuments; in effect they are protected by law being a true patrimony of this territory.

Every year is truly emotional observing the numerous habitants of Gargano that, like in a rite, are preparing to harvest the olives. Between the mostly utilized tools for this harvest it’s curious seeing that here it’s still in use harvesting by hand; but thanks to this and to the great capacity of those who use this method that are obtained perfect fruits of a high quality, ready to be brought into one of many local mills. It’s thanks to this ancient method of harvesting that give birth to the famous extra virgin olive oil from Gargano DOP.

In the traditional mills of Gargano can still be found the ancient methods for pressing the olives. Seeing those enormous ancient millstones turn without stopping is really emotional and it is even more emotional seeing the initial product becoming “squeezed olive juice”. I guarantee that assisting to this ancient working methods is an experience that will take back in time and will let you dreaming.

Naturally even in the more modern mills, even those definitely interesting to be visited, the used method for obtaining the famous extra virgin olive oil of Gargano isn’t very different of the traditional method; you can see less workers and more machines and, instead of ancient millstones you can see more technological equipment.

Whichever the method, the olives are first brought to ambient temperature and that pressed at a temperature not higher of 30 degrees. With this procedure it is guaranteed an olive oil of a significantly superior quality.

The taste of the extra virgin olive oil from Gargano depends on the area where olives were harvested; the clime, sun exposure and type of terrain where the trees are planted influence the taste of the final product making it different and with a specific taste for every area of Gargano. It should be emphasized, however, that this extra virgin olive oil is always unique and with an intense taste, of a bright green-yellow color and an incredible density. Just think that in all of the world the olive oil is the only oil extracted from fruits and not from seeds, practically real olive juice.

More than the taste, this famous oil, that Homer called “liquid gold”, has infinite benefic proprieties for the human body; it possesses numerous medical proprieties, it is used as main ingredient for various cosmetics, soaps, beauty products and many more and, thanks to high presence of omega 3 and omega 6 in it, the olive oil is a true elixir for beauty and youth.

If you wish to live this emotional experience and see the production process of the olive oil from Gargano, maybe taste some freshly squeezed oil or even purchase it from a local producer, you should know that the harvest and oil production begins at November and finishes at January.

Live this experience, from olive harvest to the production of this famous extra virgin olive oil from Gargano, is a way to live together with us our traditions, a way of getting to know and appreciate our roots, our history, our culture; in other words another wonderful experience to live on Gargano.

Great experience on Gargano to you all…!!

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