Advices for a new year animal friendly, HAPPY 2014!

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Dear friends,

We Esperienze sul Gargano are definitely animal friendly and for wishing you a Happy New Year, we decided to put together some advices, stolen around from those who really know more, about how to protect our furry friends from firecrackers shooting at New Year.

As you know, the animals unlike us have a highly developed hearing therefore the sounds and noises that are loud to us, for them are loudest and often even painful even insupportable.

We say like a first advice that would be ideal keep your friends in a closed space, not tied to avoid their tightening and it has to be a protected space in order to avoid direct contact between the pet and the strong noise. You have to be careful that the place doesn’t have open doors or windows so they cannot make desperate gestures like escaping to the streets, throw themselves off a balcony or window or die of an infarct caused by the noise.

If you are out walking the dog remember to hold the leash tightly because the probability that it will run is very high; inside if you don’t have a room where the noise is felt less you can use the TV or radio volume to cover a little the noise of firecrackers.

In the case your pet presents more serious disorders caused by the fireworks noise you can even consult the vet who will sedate and calm it. If your pet escaped, try to search it immediately around the neighborhood, usually it hides close to home.

The last advice, but not less important, is that of following the law; this year in many cities of Gargano were issued ordinances in which is prohibited in any way the shot of firecrackers.

Every year are augmented the reports of various associations that are present on Gargano territory and I think everywhere else, for losses due to infarct. WE DON’T WHAT THIS TO HAPPEN.

It doesn’t cost anything to follow this simple advices for protect our faithful friends; respecting them means respecting life and being civilized, for this reason we ask you from the bottom of our hearts don’t spend your money to buy firecrackers this New Year and


Happy New Year to everyone, and may this year bring a lot of love and a lot of serenity to all of you.

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