Gargano between bread and ancient traditions

We are living in a world always more technological where the people runs and goes in a hurry, busy with work and other million thoughts and with little time for themselves. We forget always more what it means having a moment of rest, a moment of peace to remember what is really important in life and for life. With this rhythms we often forget the enormous benefits of a regular life and a healthy diet full of genuine traditional products.

In the context of a frenetic life in which we all find ourselves today it is still a place that certainly is an exception, this place is called Gargano. Here people doesn’t seem to be influenced much by the changes of the world, this is place where time flows more slowly, a place of peace, of serenity, a place for cure the mind, body and soul.

Gargano is a place that keeps alive its customs and traditions, a place where everything has a different flavor, and speaking of flavors, here is present an exquisite traditional product, a product that is a symbol of everyday life, a religious symbol and that in the past was even a symbol of power; this product is the symbol of a territory where is always possible finding the taste of the past and the memory of an “ancient craft” capable of withstand any future battle. This excellent product is the bread.

Here, on Gargano like in major part of Puglia, the bread is unique and cannot be imitated in any other place of the world. Even if the main ingredients are more or less the same, here are more of two hundred bread types made from an impressive variety of grain types. The real secret of this land is that here still exists all the ingredients that are hard to find around like passion for tradition, the pure air that here has a different flavor and the great peace that this unique place knows to transmit.

The great respect for the hardly gained food that is still nourish the habitants of Gargano, it’s demonstrated even by the fact that in garganic cuisine almost never something is wasted; speaking about the bread, from the dough leftover after the main production, can be obtained others delicious traditional products like typical “raratura” from Rodi Garganico, pizzas or stuffed “focaccias”, “pettole” the famous “paposcia” from Vico del Gargano, “casatielli” and many others.

This are experiences that a traveler can have only here on Gargano maybe by touring through villages and lanes almost like taking a trip back into the time; Gargano is like this, as we told it, a fascinating place, rich of history, tradition and culture located in a unique landscape; a place that makes you be a little more childish and makes you forget, even for a short period of time, that we live in a world that has forgotten what it means to live!

Great experience on Gargano to you all…!!

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