Christmas on Gargano

Gargano is a place of rare beauty that during the warm summer season leaves everyone speechless, even the grumpiest man.

But have you ever wondered what happens here in winter?

Few know that in winter Gargano is surrounded by a unique charm that makes it different of any other place in the world. It’s December and in Gargano is a sweet silence; the people doesn’t know that Umbra forest, that during the summer was painted in a bright green now is covered with a carpet made of golden dried leaves and soft snow; the people doesn’t know that the sea, that during the summer was calm and quiet now is restless and picturesque like a painting; the people doesn’t know that the waves that strike with force and ambition the coast transforms into foam that almost look like snow that falls backwards.

And what it is in the middle of all this?

In the middle of this great work of mother nature you can still see the beautiful and profumed mandarin trees and the orange trees with their green leaves and big fruits that almost look like Christmas decoration. The winter transforms all the Gargano, it repaints it and it gives it a magical, charmed air.

Christmas here in Gargano has that air brought by winter, makes you feel its presence through the traditions that are sent from generations. Christmas, that in other places has become a commercial holiday, has maintained here its original sense, that of celebrating the birth of Jesus. In this place the traditions seem, fortunately, not wanting to die.

This is the right period for trying a new experience, full of strong, authentic emotions; it’s the ideal moment to take a tour on Gargano. From December 6 arrive the “zampognari”, shepherds that play from their bagpipes notes of celebration cheering up the small towns decorated like cribs. This is the right period to visit the churches, the forts and the marvelous historical city centers to discover incredible traditions and to be overwhelmed by superb flavours.

The preparation of Jesus’s crib in every house on Gargano is deeply felt; according to tradition, this must be surrounded by fruit to be offered to the Child in sign of gratitude. In the city centers, like in historical centers and some castles the nativity scene is brought to life, a true work of art like the tradition commands.

In the homes, everybody prepares typical Christmas sweets of Gargano, to eat throughout the Holiday season; “cartellate” with wallnuts, peanuts, honey and “vincotto”, “calzoncelli” filled with chickpeas cream, “castagnete”, “mostaccioli” are just a few of the garganic tradition sweets.

Gargano, during the Holiday season is Christmas carols, is scent of freshly baked pastry, is gathered families even with little, here Christmas is magic, is tradition handed down and maintained with pride and faith.

Great experience on Gargano to you all…!!

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