Spaghetti with Garganic mussels


– 3 kg of mussels (recommended from Gargano, they have more taste)

– 25/30 tomatoes

– Fresh chopped basilica

– Fresh parsley

– 2 garlic cloves

– Fresh pepper

– Extravergin olive oil (recommended from Gargano)

– 500 g of spaghetti


1. Clean the mussels eliminating the rocky part

2. In a pan add a little oil, a branch of parsley and the mussels; cover with a lid and wait for some minutes, just what it takes from make them open. After barely opened turn off the heat.

3. Filter the cooking liquid from the mussels and keep it aside with the mussels barely peeld. Set the spaghetti on boiled salted water.

4. In the same pan, without cleaning it (but control if there are rocky residues) add olive oil and the chopped garlic cloves. When barely brown add the tomatoes and let them cook for 2/3 minutes, just the time to dry a little

5. At this point, a little dried the tomatoes, throw in the filtered water with the mussels and let them cook for maximum a minute

6. Drain the spaghetti when they are “al dente” and finish their cooking with the mussels juice; once in a while make a circular movement with the pan to make the starches leave the spaghetti and making the juice more dense and velvety.

7. With 30 seconds before turning off the heat add some fresh basilica and grinded pepper

Here are ready the spaghetti with mussels from Gargano. Good appetite from Esperienze sul Gargano..!!

Good tasty experience to you all…!!

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