Why probably your best holiday..?

Assuming the for us doesn’t exist tourists but travelers serching fantastic esperiences, if you are passionate by marvels and dependent of strong emotions you are in the right place.

Gargano, the ideal destination for itineraries and holidays Eco-Sustainable, is a beautiful land of arts, culture and flavors, rich in historical, artistic and religious testimonies, rich in natural beauty and wonderful places where you can live fantastic experiences.

I love Gargano

There are many tourist facilities on Gargano ready to welcome you, many experiences to live and many delicacies to be tasted; this land offers unimaginable wonders.

But it’s not always easy to get all this and, as is now almost everywhere, it doesn’t always happen to get in the hands of honest people with the result that you spend a lot of money for a terrible service. Esperienze sul Gargano was created to improve this situation, it was created in order to offer an excellent touristic service, it was created in order for you to avoid making mistakes, it was created in order to make you live Gargano in the best way and achive a maximal result with a minimum effort.

Esperienze sul Gargano is pointing straight to the heart of people, is pointing the emotions, the sensations and unites to a great passion values like humility, honesty and sincerity.

Esperienze sul Gargano, probably your best vacation..!!

Birdwatching on Gargano, between lakes, sea and forest

The birdwatching on the Gargano is more and more practiced in the last years and it is expanding with a high level of success and interest from the many travelers that practice it.

Are you wondering what birdwatching is? Well my friends, if we want to practice a sustainable tourism on Gargano, the birdwatching is really the ideal; that in fact is nothing more but the hunting of the birds without using weapons but with binoculars, cameras and a lot of love for the nature.

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The pecorino garganico, authentic flavor of Gargano

The production of the wonderful pecorino garganico is the new experience that we wanted to live for you in an ancient farm of Gargano, after we made you discover how is made the more famous caciocavallo podolico of Gargano. This time we have chosen to discover this magic in one of the many farms between Vieste and Mattinata; prepare yourselves because you will be guests of our senses and we will nourish together with strong, authentic emotions. But without losing ourselves in other introduction words we begin to discover just how many emotions can give us the making of pecorino of Gargano. Leggi tutto

Early Christian necropolis of Vieste, La Salata

Every place has its history; written in ancient sites covered by time and resuscitated by those who discovered them, today is a treasure chest and a heritage for all of us. They are fantastic places that take us back to the life of our ancestors and allow us to learn about them many truths. Of those fascinating places the Gargano is full; we wanted to live another exciting experience for you along an interesting archaeological itinerary on Gargano and, in a place where nature meets history to tell us how the years have passed and how changed the things over the centuries, we have visited the vast burial complex of the early Christian necropolis of Vieste, La Salata. Leggi tutto

Vieste’s lighthouse between charm and legends

We see them often in the romantic movies or we admire them in our holidays by the sea; we are also used to hear often stories or legends about them. We love to take pictures of them or simply admire them at sunrise or at sunset; their silence and their ravishing profile takes us into a land made of dreams. Here on Gargano are many but one is standing above all for its incredible charm. What is it? Well it’s the wonderful lighthouse of Vieste, friends.

The lighthouses, since always a vital part for the navigation all over the world, in some of these places have become something more than just fundamental instruments for navigation, true historical monuments and also tourist attractions. Leggi tutto

15 reasons for choosing Gargano as a destination for your holidays

The wonderful experiences that Gargano is always giving us seems to be created exactly for the time we are living today. With the frenetic rhythms of the work and the chaos of the cities this land seems to be a true shelter for the cure of your stressed souls. But Gargano offers much more; in fact, every year this land is the destination for millions of travelers from every part of the world driven here by various reasons, reasons we will make you understand with this, we hope, interesting list.

But now without losing any more time let’s dive into the discovery of this fantastic land and let’s see the 15 reasons for which, according to us, you should come in vacation on Gargano.

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The marine caves of the Gargano, between Vieste and Mattinata

The coast of Gargano, rugged and characterized by the wonderful white of the limestone cliffs, offers dream scenarios to the traveler who visits it. The cliff in fact, with its green blanket seems almost like it wants to plunge into the sea and holds inside secretes and wonders that throughout our experience we hope you will live them also.

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9 advices for living an unforgettable experience at Peschici

Dear friends, we continue our advices to improve your experiences on Gargano talking today about the beautiful Peschici, another charming town of our beloved promontory. I would define Peschici a small jewel, because despite of its size it offer to the travelers who visit it an almost surreal atmosphere. But let’s not waste any more time and begin with our advices of experiences that absolutely you cannot miss while visiting Peschici.

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Learn how to make the “orecchiette” of Apulia like my grandma taught me

I start by saying that first of all I write this article for the wind, the only one capable of taking it up there, the only one capable of putting it directly in the hands of a great lady, the only one capable to transmit my gratitude and strong affection to my grandmother, because what I’m about to write I owe it exclusively to her, and forgive me if with my heart in my hands I write THANK YOU GRANDMA.

This necessary introduction being done, let’s go right away to discover this wonderful traditional product known a little all over the world. Leggi tutto

The trabucchi from Gargano, an emotions to live

Have you ever felt the emotion of seeing the trabucchi from Gargano alive? Do you know what a trabucco is? Hold on tight because together we will go to discover these ancient machines, we will understand how they work and we will discover their emotional magic, magic that here on Gargano is possible to live every day.

We begin by telling you that the word trabucco, today almost always associated with the ancient fishing technique, in reality in medieval times was a war machine, that was difficult to manage because of its great dimensions and its fixed location and was similar to a catapult.

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